Today we discussed about the new achievements of the Project. Here, a picture of the researchers present at the meeting in Barcelona.
Meeting SLUDGEtreat
The next meeting among the partners of the Consortium will be held at Instituto Quimico de Sarrià on the 18th December 2017.
X2 Solutions is growing  up! Now, more space for the researchers…
X2 Solutions


New researchers for the SLUDGEtreat Project have been recruited at X2 Solutions srl, Flubetech SL and AIN. A great welcome to Giuseppe, Marlon and Lucia!! 

Today Simone is presenting the results of sludge electro-dewatering lab-tests at SLUDGETECH (London, UK). Click here to see what are the results of the Research!

Today Vittorio and Emanuele from X2 Solutions srl are presenting their company at the SLUDGEtreat meeting. Welcome into the Consortium!

A new researcher for the SLUDGEtreat Project has been recruited at Politecnico di Milano. A great welcome to Hai!!
On the 19th May 2017 the meeting of the new Consortium will be held at Politecnico di Milano. Researchers from X2 Solutions srl, Flubetech SL and AIN will come to Milan to exchange informations and talk about the progress of the Research.
Today Prof. Canziani is presenting the progress of the Research at FILTECH (Koln, Germany). Look here!
Foto Filtech
Tomorrow Prof. Canziani will discuss the results of the project at ASSM2016 (Cracow, Poland). 
One step in the past… Look here the lab-scale device for the electro-dewatering tests!
Prototipo da laboratorio